Dissertation Format For MBA: Creative Suggestions

Writing a term paper should always be premised on creativity because in every way you would want to look at it; this always makes a huge difference between you and another student. On this premise, it is important to note that creativity is not limited to only words that you put down on paper but also any other thing which at the end of the day, will see to it that your project is presentable. As you advance up the academic ladder, you will therefore notice a transition in the way such thing as formatting is done. For instance, the way you ought to format your paper at lower level such as high school is very different from how it is supposed to be done at college level. This keeps advancing up to the level of postgraduate. Well, before I explore some things you should know about dissertation format for MBA, it is important to understand the following about formatting.

  • A paper that is properly formatted is easy to read and with this, what is often achieved in scholarly terms of writing is readability.
  • Spacing is an element of academic paper formatting which you must always have at the back of your mind. It takes into account spaces between lines or sentences, margins and spaces between paragraph.
  • In advanced academic literary composition, formatting also takes into account how a student should handle title page. In other words, what should appear on your MBA paper title page is very crucial.
  • Further, when crafting dissertation for MBA, other elements of formatting which you must always take note of include alignment of the page. This makes your paper presentable.
  • Last but not least, font types and font sizes are important if you are asked to write dissertation.

In this post, I want to assume that you already have some dissertation for MBA topics from which you can select what to write on. With this, take a look below for in depth tips on how to format your MBA paper so that it fetches good grades at the end of the day.

Choose the right font size and type

A lot goes into formatting a term paper all of which should always be taken into account with a lot of seriousness. Well, when it comes to formatting your thesis or even dissertation, the font type and font size are critical elements of doing the right thing. Depending on the academic writing style you have employed, it is always clear which size and type of font is advised.


This is all about ensuring pages are correctly numbered. It is always easy to overlook this but it can cost you a lot at the end of the day. When pages are correctly numbered, it makes it easier for a supervisor to mark your paper.


This has to do with spaces at all the four edges of your paper. There is a standard margin for every academic writing style.

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