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Students, who are looking for a thesis online are usually interested in two essential things, the quality of the paper and its price. We at offer you an opportunity to get professional dissertation help for a reasonable price. Our company employs a wide range of experienced authors from different countries and utilizes a variety of solutions to minimize the costs. This way, we are able to offer the best pricing plans for every type of academic dissertation. No matter what level and length of the paper you need, we are sure that we’ll be able to offer you an affordable price.

To order a dissertation from us you only need to fill out the simple form on the website. Please, include detailed instructions for the writer.

Dissertation Word Count and Other Pricing Factors

In order to understand whether the price of a thesis is fair, you need to know how exactly it’s calculated. Our service develops pricing plans based on the following table:

Word Count Deadline Academic Level
100-30,000+ words Starting with 24 hours Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, etc.

When you buy dissertation online, the most important factors that affect the price are the deadline and academic level. Our company can produce a paper as quickly as you need, but the shorter the time, the higher the price of the work.

Dissertation Sections: What’s Included in the Service

As the sections that must be included in a dissertation vary based on its type and school requirements, you would need to specify which parts your paper must consist of exactly. The abstract is included by default, as well as the title page and bibliography.

However, if you want to add acknowledgments or some other special parts, you would need to warn the writer beforehand. You would also have to provide any special instructions you have regarding those specific sections.

The appendixes are usually added on the writer’s discretion as they are used to illustrate some points of the text. However, if your professor requires the addition of some specific types of appendixes or their special formatting, please inform us in advance.

We would be able to help you choose the best pricing plan after analyzing your order. You can contact us directly to discuss the details and understand how to get the best online dissertation deal considering the type of the paper you seek.

What Is the Best Dissertation Length for You?

The length of a dissertation may vary from school to school, and your academic level affects this requirement as well. It’s imperative to include the word count into your order instructions as the general thesis evaluation rule is that you can get marked down if the paper exceeds the set limit.

Usually, a Master’s degree paper is set at 15,000 words. This may seem like a lot, but considering the complexity of a research on such a high level, it’s easy to go far beyond this number. In some cases, the faculty may grant you a permission to exceed the limit. You should discuss this with your advisor and forward the information to your writer fast.

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No matter what subject you study or what kind of research you need to conduct, one of our professional writers would be able to create the perfect paper that would meet all your needs.