How To Write An Abstract For A Dissertation: Basic Information

An abstract is a very important part of a dissertation. It’s a small text at the beginning of your paper that should provide the reader with a clear idea of what your text includes. Such sections are often used for searching purposes and serve as previews for academic papers in electronic databases, for example. Having read it, a database user will understand whether they need to download the full document.

If you have to write an abstract for the first time, you might complete this step in a wrong way without learning the necessary rules. A poorly written abstract might negatively affect the score you’ll get after defending your thesis.

  • Starting the Work on the Abstract of Dissertation
  • Many students think that since an abstract is placed in the beginning of a thesis, it should be composed earlier than anything else. This is a big mistake. You should start working on this section after all the main chapters of your paper have been completed. This way, you’ll be able to provide accurate information about the contents of your dissertation in the abstract.

    If you compose an abstract first, it’s likely that you’ll have to rewrite it later because it won’t be 100% relevant to the actual contents of your academic work. If you doubt whether you can write a decent dissertation review on your own, hire experienced professionals from to deal with this step for you.

    Students who start creating their abstracts after the main text usually don’t have any problems with structuring and writing these sections of their papers.

  • Creating the Contents of a Dissertation Abstract
    • Consider the size.
    • In general, if you’re writing a Master’s thesis, the size of this section should be no more than 150 words. If you’re working on a doctoral dissertation, your limit is 350 words. It’s advisable to consult your professor on this matter, however. Your university might have its unique requirements.

    • Consider the structure.
    • To demonstrate the contents of your paper correctly, the structure of your abstract should be similar to the structure of your actual thesis. Make sure that it includes information related to all the chapters. If you want your paper to have a proper structure, contact to get an excellent custom dissertation from real experts.

    • Consider the research questions.
    • In the first half of your abstract, it’s important to list all the research questions that your paper is going to answer. Since you won’t have more than three questions, it shouldn’t be difficult to mention all of them.

    • Consider the results.
    • A lot of students fail to present the results of their studies in their abstracts correctly. It’s important to inform the reader not only about your hypotheses but also about what you’ve actually discovered. The second half of the section should focus on summarizing and explaining your findings.

In summary, the tips above should help you create an excellent abstract for your dissertation which will increase your chance of earning the highest score for it. Keep in mind, however, that before you begin the work on your abstract, it’s recommended to consult your professor on how to approach this step correctly.

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