End Your Paper With A Bang: How To Write A Conclusion For A Dissertation

The analysis of results and summary are the last chapters of a dissertation. It’s very important to know how to write them in a proper way. If you fail with composing these sections, the readers might not clearly understand the meaning and value of the study you’ve conducted.

If you create the last body chapters correctly, both the readers and your committee members will understand the significance of your work and findings. To craft these sections in a proper manner, it’s recommended to follow a number of simple but useful tips which will positively affect the quality of your writing.

Writing Dissertation Data Analysis That Will Impress

  • Present relevant findings.
  • During your study, you may find and discover different data. However, it’s recommended to present and analyze only the information related to your research questions.

  • Use different presentational devices.
  • It might be difficult to provide the reader with plenty of data in a clear manner. To make the presentation of your results more understandable, use different charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, and pictures.

  • Take advantage of the appendices.
  • You might have so many pieces of information to present that they might make it difficult to read the chapter. To make your text more reader-friendly, move the large tables and charts to an appendix. If it’s difficult for you to organize this chapter properly, contact X.com to get professional dissertation help.

  • Discuss what you’ve discovered.
  • You should not only provide the readers with the raw results but also discuss their meaning and significance. Indicate whether the results have met your expectations.

  • Relate your findings to the literature.
  • Lastly, you should indicate how your discoveries add to the information presented in other sources related to your topic.

General Guidelines for Creating an Outstanding Dissertation Summary

  • Make a few restatements.
  • In the beginning of the chapter, you should restate the main purpose of your study and its research questions. Don’t copy the sentences from the introduction but rewrite them in a slightly different way.

  • Provide your thoughts.
  • Next, you should present different conclusions that can be drawn from your study and its outcomes. Mention both positive and negative points.

  • Indicate the importance.
  • Then, you should indicate the usefulness and significance of your research for other scholars who work in the same field. This way, you’ll prove that your academic work has a practical value.

  • Provide recommendations for future studies.
  • Lastly, in the final body chapter, you should present several decent ways for other students to continue your research. If you cannot write your dissertation or some parts of it, the best writers at X.com can take care of your problems.

So, if you follow the tips presented in the lists above, the last body chapters of your dissertation are likely to be more informative and stronger. Keep in mind, however, that it’s important to put a lot of effort into composing other sections of your paper too. All the chapters and subchapters should be relevant to your topic and each other. The transitions between different sections should also be smooth and logical. Otherwise, the structure of your text will be frail.

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