Completing an Outstanding Dissertation: Writing a Conclusion

Creating a strong dissertation conclusion is very important if you want to make a good impression on your reader. Having summarized your paper properly and explained its main points, you’ll prove your extensive knowledge of the chosen topic.

It’s highly recommended to begin composing your conclusion after writing the introduction and body chapters. This way you’ll know for sure what to include in the final chapter and how to structure it in a better way. If you compose the conclusion first, it isn’t likely to match the contents of other chapters precisely. To create a relevant and strong conclusion, it’s advisable to follow a few important rules.

What to Include in a Dissertation Conclusion

  • Provide the summary of your goals.
  • The first thing is to remind the reader about the main questions that you’ve decided to answer or hypotheses to investigate in your research.

  • Provide the summary of your results.
  • Then, you should briefly list the actual outcomes of your study. Answer the stated questions or confirm (refute) the stated hypotheses.

  • Provide a short analysis of your study.
  • Now, you should analyze the relevance of your study and explain the importance of its results. If you need assistance with writing a conclusion, great thesis writers from can provide you with doctoral dissertation help.

  • Provide the ways for other studies.
  • At the end of your conclusion, you should list several ideas related to your topic that other students may concentrate on in their own academic projects.

Techniques for Making a Good Dissertation Summary

  • The circle technique.
  • Using this method, you’ll circle back to the beginning of your paper. Remind the reader about the quotation or example, for instance, used in the introduction and provide additional information related to it in the conclusion.

  • The panning to the horizon technique.
  • To use this method, you should demonstrate not only how the results of your research can influence the narrow field that you study but also what broader spheres of our life your work may affect.

  • The call to action technique.
  • This method implies persuading the reader to spread the word about the field that you study so that more people know about its importance and more scholars research different topics related to it. If you want to use one of these techniques but you aren’t sure whether your writing skills are good enough, contact for Masters dissertation writing assistance that will impress you with its quality.

Remember that there is no need to write a very long conclusion for your dissertation. The main thing is to make it informative and explanatory. Long conclusions usually lack focus and confuse the readers.

So, if you follow the tips and use any of the techniques above, you’re likely to create a strong and informative conclusion for your thesis. Keep in mind that having written all the chapters and put them together, it’s important to proofread your text thoroughly. This is needed for spotting and eliminating different mistakes and inconsistencies that might be found in your paper. Pay special attention when revising your conclusion. It’s important that you restate all your points and convey your final message correctly.

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