Writing A Dissertation Introduction Chapter: Useful Tips

An introduction is one of the most important parts of a dissertation. It provides the reader with information about the nature of the chosen topic and lets them see the scope of your project. Also, a good introduction makes the reader understand what to expect from the rest of the paper.

If you compose this chapter poorly, your readers might not clearly understand what topic you’ve selected and why it’s important to research it. Without this basic information, they aren’t likely to understand the contents of other chapters and won’t be able to see the importance and value of your project.

Contents of an Example Dissertation Introduction

  1. The presentation of a topic.
  2. You should present the general topic of your study from the very beginning so that the reader clearly understands what your paper is related to.

  3. The background.
  4. The next thing is to briefly write about the past studies done in this area. This way, you’ll show what the researchers already know about it and what is yet to be studied.

  5. The research questions.
  6. Now, you should present the narrow aspects of the general topic that you’re going to address in your study.

  7. The importance of the study.
  8. In this section, you should explain how answering the questions stated earlier will contribute to the development of your field.

  9. The limitations of the study.
  10. It’s also important to indicate the scope of your project and list the factors that will limit your actions.

  11. The roadmap to the next chapters.
  12. The last part of the introduction for dissertation should be a transition to the body where you briefly indicate what information the reader will get in the following chapters.

Keep in mind that although the introductory chapter is the first section of your paper that the reader will encounter, it’s not recommended to start the writing process with it. You’ll be able to create a much better opening if you compose the body chapters in which you’ll describe your study methods and results first. This way, you’ll clearly know what information you’re making an introduction to.

An Alternative to Composing an Introduction on Your Own

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