How to Write a Good Literature Review Step-by-Step

One of the chapters in your dissertation should review the literature that you consulted during the work on your academic project. The goals of such a review are to demonstrate your extensive knowledge about the chosen topic, place your project in a historical perspective, show that you aren’t duplicating someone’s work, and so on.

If your thesis doesn’t contain a good literature review, the reader might not be convinced that you’ve studied your topic well and your research is relevant. The final score for your project might also be lowered if you structure and compose this chapter poorly.

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A Student Guide: Writing Dissertation Literature Review

First of all, you should think about structuring the chapter properly. Each body chapter of your thesis should resemble a structure of a smaller academic paper and have its own introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • An introduction.
  • Here, you should explain what types of literature you’ve consulted in general depending on your topic. Then, you should list the groups in which you’ve divided the sources that you’re going to review in this chapter.

  • A body.
  • Here, you should present each thematic group of sources separately and discuss the main works that represent them. Show the differences and similarities between the presented schools of thought.

  • A conclusion.
  • To write a literature review of good quality, you should summarize the presented points at the end of the chapter and demonstrate how your study will add to the information discovered by other scholars in the past.

You can get ideas of what sources to use for your research by studying the bibliography of the relevant works covered in class. They would guide you to other sources, and you can continue with the cycle until you find the works that fit your specific topic.

The summary must be very short and include only the most important thesis statements related to your topic. You also need to include a simple explanation of why you chose this particular source.

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