Guidelines On How To Write A Research Proposal For Dissertation

Before you begin the work on your dissertation, you should create a proposal and submit it to your committee. Only after they approve it, you’ll be able to start working on your academic project.

A research proposal is a small paper (500-1000 words) that provides brief information about what your thesis is going to be about, what questions you’re going to address, what theoretical background you’re going to rely upon during your work, and so on. If you compose this paper in a wrong way, your committee won’t approve it and you’ll lose the precious time composing a new one. The reason that often pushes students to buy dissertation proposal is the difficulty of creating this document. The hardest thing about it is wording the text in such a way that would impress the professors and motivate the readers to support your research.

Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation Proposal Sample

  1. List your objectives.
  2. You should present your topic and list overall objectives that you plan to achieve in your research. Make sure that you have no more than three objectives. If there are too many of them, your study is likely to be too broad.

  3. Provide the background.
  4. Write briefly about the history of the chosen topic and list the main literature sources related to it. Indicate how the results of your study should fill in the gap in the knowledge.

  5. Present your methods.
  6. The next thing is to write about the methodology that you’re going to use to achieve the goals of your research. You may use dissertation proposal writing help to compose this section in a better way.

  7. Indicate the potential outcomes.
  8. Also, you should write about the results that you’re expecting to get from your study. You may mention how these results might make the work of other researchers easier in particular circumstances.

  9. State the timeline.
  10. Demonstrating how you’re going to distribute the time you have for completing your project is also advisable. You aren’t obligated to follow this schedule precisely during your actual work, however.

  11. Provide a bibliography.
  12. You may also attach a list of all books and other sources that you plan to use during your research to your proposal. It’s not obligatory for this list to match the bibliography of your actual thesis, however.

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